Friday, December 16, 2011

Response to "GET A JOB, LOSERS!"

The Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area, in estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2009, had a population of about 1,212,848; approximately one-quarter of Alabama's population. Look closely at statistics.  If we accept the figure of 8% unemployment (more realistically in the teens), this is a rate that has gone down not because the wealthy have created new jobs, but mostly because people have stopped looking for what is considered real employment (full-time job with benefits, 401k, insurance, etc) and are doing odd jobs like lawncare or whatever they can find to supplement their food stamp rations and/or social security/medicare, whatever is keeping them alive.  Alive, but not well. 

8% of 1,212,000 is about 100,000 people whom most 'conservatives', and even snooty moderates and snobby liberals now offer the blessed wisdom of their experience "GET A JOB!" So, the 100,000 are told to their faces, from television or their very own friends and family, every day, that they have no right to complain, organize, unionize, or do anything else about their situation but stand in the unemployment line and fill out apps for another 6 months, or 6 years, and unless you win the lottery, this is the one true path to victory in this materialistic world. 

This is saying to 100,000 Americans in Birmingham alone, "Get a JOB LOSERS! I'm blessed and we're having bloody steak tonight and we're not going to share anything with you stupid lazy worthless scum, especially sympathy".  100,000 people who have just as much a right to exist as anyone. 100,000 who may hear another message, that we want to work to build a better world than this.

Meanwhile, some of us have noticed the trickle-down of charity seems more like pissing and calling it rain.  Those who have been living with the least have been forced to pay for the crimes of the white collar 1%.  More and more are losing the rest of all they have while their lives and families fall apart over what they are told is a moral failure to honor a work ethic defined by the holy temple of Wall Street, a global country club where the priestly caste of CEOs have enshrined the idols we live and die for, name-brand corporations.  And I'm being told just vote Democrat and hope and change again?

Who is to blame?  Bush-Cheney are happy to take all you can waste upon them.  Look in the mirror.  We the consumers have had enjoyed many a merry xmas, and now we complain of austerity, and yet the consumption has not stopped, people are merrily  xmas shopping on credit card.  I swear this is no lie:  I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday for "Occupy the holidays!  Take back xmas with massive discounts!" 

America consumes 25% of the world's fossil fuel.  Now our government is voting to consume the bill of rights (check NDAA).  What can you do when you, as an unemployed person, are labeled shit by strangers and friends alike.  Who do we stand up for?  Can you empathize with the unemployed, the disenfranchised, the homeless, the abused?  Are we the shit that is emerging after the post-WW2 orgy of Suburban gluttony?  Is the Occupy Movement not the shit of the nation hitting the fan of a fully established fascist police state where 93% of the Senate has voted to declare anyone who speaks out can be lawfully detained indefinitely by the military?  The Horror grows ever nearer, to climax in the 2012.  Freedom or fascism.  Which is stronger?  

When you are ignorant, you fear the unknown, then you begin to hate what you fear, because, in the case of hating the poor (and those who for some strange reason want to defend us), what could be worse than being poor?  Perhaps being empty and ignorant and alone with your misery and miserliness will be the silent hell that awaits the greedy and the wanna-be middle class, who gaze down from the balcony holding their champagne glass full of the American nightmare they are shielded from through self-censorship. 

Walter Simon

"‎People do not absorb moral lessons from those who trample on their feelings. Rather, they forever associate the unpleasantness of the spokesperson with the cause itself. " ~ Judith Martin

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